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It was the appalling circumstances that the street children live in that led to the building project, the founding of the German association and later the founding of this NGO. The support and the ability to help people to help themselves should not be limited to just these children, however. In the future we would like to make safe, secure space available to other groups in need (e.g. mentally or physically disabled persons). The individual projects that we summarize here demonstrate our activities in and beyond the village itself.

Learning in the village

We want to support the children entrusted to us in the development of their talents and inclinations. When they leave the village as adults, they should have the skills and abilities they need to shape their own lives. For this reason, we offer numerous other activities in addition to a standard education:


Our kindergartners do what children between the age of 3 and 6 years do in kindergartens all over the world. They play and discover new things every day, develop social skills, and are gently prepared for the slightly more academic life once they start elementary school.

Our kindergarten also works as a daycare facility for single parents from the very poor village near our center. That way the parent can be sure that their little one is taken excellent care of while they work, and 'our' children have the chance to interact with their  neighborhood peers from a very early age.