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 Building a Dream

building a dreamThe demands and expectations were and are high. It's about much more than ensuring that the children have a roof over their heads, regular meals, access to schools and vocational training, medical treatment, etc. 

But all of that forms the basis for our goal: revitalizing destroyed social structures and supporting the growth of an intact and stable community.

So first we have to lay the groundwork so that our work can take root and bear fruit. We have to create a place that offers stability and protection, but also integration in the neighborhood, a place where long term development is possible. 

On a property bought in the settlement area in Phnom Penh, this dream is slowly becoming a reality. In 2008, the first children moved  into the village - an important and wonderful milestone in our work.


Click here to view the layout of the KKEV Children's Center (pop up)

This village was built by K.K. e.V. Germany on a piece of land purchased for the purpose of offering orphans and disadvantaged Cambodian children a real home.